Why Join?

Networking is a valuable aspect of membership. There are many opportunities to share experiences, share knowledge, and solve problems with others in the zoning field. It is beneficial to network, whether it helps you succeed in your current job, or helps you find another position in the future. In addition, having access to a member listserv is helpful with daily zoning issues that arise.

Training opportunities such as annual conferencesworkshops, the Introduction to Zoning course, the Certified Zoning official course, and a newsletter are available. Continuing education credits are available.

There are three types of membership in the NCAZO (please see FAQ’s). Currently, there are more than 500 members in the NCAZO. Dues for membership are $60 per year.

Please contact the Membership Chair for more information:

Kevin E. May

Application for Regular/Associate Membership

Dues Renewal Application for Existing Members

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